The Problem

More than 35% of women will experience sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking.

In recent years there have been alarming increases of intimate partner violence and other forms of violence against women and girls. This uptick makes increasing investments in prevention and response to violence against women and girls even more urgent.

These statistics are even more alarming within indigenous communities. 

The Solution

War Party Movement provides women leaving abusive relationships with the  transferable skills required to create a new life in a safe environment through our nonprofit, War Party Ranch. 

The War Party Ranch program teaches fundamental training in horsemanship, stockmanship, and horse packing, thereby giving women the skills necessary to create stability and independence as they work in the agricultural, ranching, and horse communities.

How To Help

War Party Movement wants to break the cycle of abuse for women around the nation – and especially in native communities.

At The War Party Ranch, every woman receives 10 weeks of training in order for them to work on one of the more than 70,000 ranches and outfitting operations across the United States.

We are fiercely committed to fundamentally changing the way women and children are treated around the world.

A Note From The Founder

After 22 years of military service as a Special Forces Operator (Green Beret) I knew I needed to find a new purpose after retiring. To still embody the Special Forces motto of De Oppresso Liber (To Free the Oppressed) and serve my community in this next chapter of my life. I wanted to honor my family and continue the work my mother, Louise “Mountain Lamb” Wilber (Mescalero Apache) did in the Native community. I began to assist families in the Native community by conducting Search and Rescue efforts for missing loved ones, but the demands quickly grew, and I needed a way to help offset the associated costs. This is where the War Party Movement was born.

But after just a few months of helping multiple women to escape abusive relationships, the team at War Party Movement realized we had a problem. Once we extracted someone from an abusive situation, it was incredibly difficult to find a safe, long-term solution for them. Short-term shelters only offered 30-day solutions, which limited the opportunities for healing, recovery, and rehabilitation. 30 days was not enough time for women to break the abuse cycle, learn a viable skill set, find employment, or establish housing… and so many of these women would find themselves back in the same place we helped them escape from. 

We needed a long-term solution to help these women permanently escape their abusers and establish an independent life of their own. So I turned to a dear friend (and the most bad ass cowgirl I know), Mikah Wysocki, and together we collaborated to create a skills training, rehabilitation and housing program for the women we rescued. With my warrior background and Mikah’s kind, gritty, no-nonsense approach to problem-solving, we established a much-needed, long-term solution to breaking the cycle of abuse: the War Party Ranch. 


Understanding A Powerful Symbol

While WPM provides support and education for all at-risk women, we have a particular passion for representing women and girls in indigenous communities. 

A red hand covering the mouth has become the symbol of the MMIW (Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women) movement. 

This symbol stands for all the “missing and stolen sisters” whose voices are not heard, and for the silence of media and law enforcement amidst this crisis.  



Recent charity campaigns

Raised Funds 70%
Send children to school for education

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Raised Funds 85%
Financial help for poor, needy families

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Join The War Party Movement

You don’t need any special skills to join the War Party Movement. By shopping for and wearing the art pieces we provide or offering a direct donation, you’re contributing financially to saving lives and providing essential skills training for vulnerable women…. all while confronting the normalization of silence around abuse.

Every purchase or donation allows us to provide this program at no cost to the women we train and work with. Funds go directly toward expenses for extraction missions as well as running the ranch, feeding and caring for the horses, and supporting the women who go through our program.


Upcoming Events

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Founded By Men & Women On A Mission To Fix A Broken System In Order To Save Lives

Jeremiah Wilber
Founder: War Party Movement//Co Founder: War Party Ranch

Jeremiah Wilber is a Retired Green Beret with 22 years of service. He served in the 3rd Special Forces Group and 10th Special Forces Group as a Special Forces Operations Sergeant and completed multiple Combat Deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Rescuing women from abusive situations is just the beginning. We have created a long-term solution to breaking the cycle of abuse and empowering them to be wholly dependent on themselves.

Mikah Wysocki
Co-Founder: War Party Ranch

Mikah Wysocki grew up on the back of a horse. She has an extensive background in multiple different disciplines in the horse industry and Equine Science and cattle reproduction. Mikah is extremely passionate about the western way of life and all it has to offer. 

“As an abuse survivor myself, I live by the fact that your past does not define your future. I look forward to showing these women a way of life they’ve never known – to not only heal their hearts but their souls as well. With the therapy of horses and the empowerment that comes from the skills and abilities to do things that a large percent of men can’t even do. This lifestyle will allow these women to be successful in any and all things they want to do.”

Nicole Scott

Nicole Scott is a problem solver and an educator. She is passionate about working with others to find impactful solutions for their businesses and lives.

With a varied background in the Health & Wellness Industry and a Master’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship & Change, Nicole’s desire is to help people find solutions to build their “tool belt” of resources to lead an impactful and purpose-filled life. Nicole helps ensure that War Party Ranch provides the tools and resources for women to embrace a renewed sense of purpose, meaning, impact and an inspired life with sustainability. 

Tiger Kaufman

Tiger Kaufman has a wealth of experience providing executive-level support in the Wellness and Blockchain Technology industries. As an acting Chief of Staff, her passions lie in helping organizations find effective means of communication, building teams, and managing partnerships. After entering the western world in 2020, she quickly realized that the ranching and agriculture industries are built on a foundation of shared values: honesty, integrity, work-ethic, and grit.

“These women deserve an opportunity to heal and to build anew. There is no better place than War Party Ranch to show them what they’re really made of.” 

Let's make the world a safer place for women, together.

Looking to support in tangible ways? Donate today or shop now and help us provide a safe, long-term solution for at-risk women and children.